ECE383 - Embedded Systems II

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Lesson Topic Assigned Due
L1 Intro to Digital System Design L1 Assignment
L2 HDL Overview L2 Assignment L1 Assignment
L3 Basic Language Constructs of VHDL L3 Assignment L2 Assignment
L4 Combinational Circuits in VHDL L4 Assignment L3 Assignment
L5 Sequential Circuits in VHDL L5 Assignment L4 Assignment
L6 Writing VHDL Test Benches L6 Assignment L5 Assignment
L7 Hierarchical and Testable Design in VHDL L7 Assignment L6 Assignment
L8 Finite State Machines L8 Assignment, Lab 1 Prelab L7 Assignment
L9 Lab 1 - VGA Synchronization L8 Assignment, Lab 1 Prelab
L10 Lab 1 - VGA Synchronization
L11 Lab 1 - VGA Synchronization Lab 1 Functionality
L12 VGA Review, Pong Introduction Lab 2 Prelab Lab 1 Writeup
L13 Lab 2 - Pong Lab 2 Prelab
L14 Lab 2 - Pong
L15 Lab 2 - Pong Lab 2 Functionality
L16 Pong Review, Font Controller Introduction Lab 3 Prelab Lab 2 Writeup
L17 Lab 3 - Font Controller Lab 3 Prelab
L18 Lab 3 - Font Controller
L19 Lab 3 - Font Controller Lab 3 Functionality
L20 GR #1 Lab 3 Writeup
L21 PicoBlaze and HW/SW Partitioning L21 Assignment
L22 FPGA Design for Area, Power, or Speed L22 Assignment L21 Assignment
L23 Lab 4a - Remote Terminal (PicoBlaze) L22 Assignment, Lab 4a Prelab
L24 Lab 4a - Remote Terminal (PicoBlaze) Lab 4a Functionality
L25 MicroBlaze Introduction
L26 Lab 4b - Remote Terminal (MicroBlaze) Lab 4b Prelab
L27 Lab 4b - Remote Terminal (MicroBlaze)
L28 Lab 4b - Remote Terminal (MicroBlaze) Lab 4b Functionality
L29 Register Transfer Methodology L29 Assignment Lab 4 Writeup
L30 Timing Analysis L30 Assignment L29 Assignment
L31 Clock and Synchronization L31 Assignment L30 Assignment
L32 GR #2 L31 Assignment
L33 Lab 5 - Final Project
L34 Lab 5 - Final Project
L35 Lab 5 - Final Project
L36 Lab 5 - Final Project
L37 Lab 5 - Final Project
L38 Lab 5 - Final Project
L39 Lab 5 - Final Project
L40 Final Presentation